Once a company has developed and implemented a health and safety system it should be evaluated to determine its success through the auditing process. Audits can be developed and completed internally or they can be completed through various third party organizations.

The Province of Alberta provides an incentive program through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program which includes WCB, Certifying Partners and Alberta Trades, Skills and Labour.  This process allows medium to large employers to receive a financial rebate on their WCB premiums for achieving a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Small employers can also be involved in the PIR program by completing Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) audits.

The company must establish a system, based on their scope of work, that is inclusive of all their operations over a minimum time frame of one year. Once the system has been in place for a year it can then be externally audited.

Our auditors are experienced professionals that can assist your needs no matter what type of system you have in place. We can create and provide customized audit tools that meet the specific needs of the system that you have in place. We can also provide internal and external SECOR/COR auditing services for a number of different certifying partners such as:


Alberta Safety Council

Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association

Manufacturers Health and Safety Association

Continuing Care Health and Safety Association

Alberta Construction Health and Safety Association


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