As every company is different in their development, set up and operation, so should their health and safety system

The needs for health and safety are always changing therefore your system has to meet those needs. As your company is unique, your health and safety system should standout and be customized to your operations.

Noble Safety Solutions specializes in the development and maintenance of health and safety systems. Whether it is the development of a comprehensive OH&S system, individual program elements, or conducting a gap analysis to troubleshoot for areas of improvement, we will work with you to achieve success in health and safety.

Areas We Can Focus On:

COR Certification

Legislative Compliance

Effective OH&S Management

Reduction of Losses

Management Commitment

Hazard Assessments


Injury Management and Modified Work Programs

Safe Work Practices and Procedures Development and Implementation

Tool and Equipment Maintenance Compliance

Contractor Management



Drug and Alcohol Programs


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